Already 5 years ago I started my own gym. Super exciting, the biggest question is.. how do you start this? First you start with yourself, you’re the key to everything. I’m a person filled with positivity and happiness and try to prosper through life.

Still every once in a while there’s a setback. My advice: Put on your biggest smile and go for it, no one can top you if you stay smiling and true to yourself. Many times I heard “Louise, aren’t you moody or down?” My answer was ofcourse! I try to not let it out to other people. It’s a learning process that I have to take care off myself.

I worked hard the last 5 years and I’m super proud where I’m standing today, a happy person! I faced reality and set a new step forward every day. Did I do this easily? No. Fitness, kickboxing and music helped me through it. I appreciate myself and if something doesn’t work I will adjust untill it does work!

Stay true to yourself, make your life great, but don’t look for things!”

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