“I’m a goalgetter, I want to succeed in everything I set my mind to. From being the worst to competing with the best. That’s the way I was raised. I believe that whenever you put in effort and work you will succeed. It gave me a very inward focus, because that’s how I think. What about others? I’m trying to transfer a mentality that YOU have all the power, all the influence needed to get what you want.

I changed as a person, from being focused on my own results, to experiencing pure happiness seeing others around me do well. I want to give a shoutout to a few of my closest friends for making so much progress. First of all, much respect for @laszlokothmann making hardcore decisions only a few can do. @thomaspalmen.nl for graduating and getting his degree(!). @nickseegers1 For finally taking care of himself and getting a deserved vacation. One of my friends is even getting married. Root for your environment, spread the positivity, #definemoment .”

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