“My #definemoment was the moment I stopped making excuses and started saying yes. Saying yes to that concert, to applying to that dream job, to booking that flight, to staying out late. Saying yes and pushing past the fear of exploring things alone, of rejection, of the unknown, of imperfection, of not having enough.

I feel like everyday we have an opportunity to define moments. In this captured moment my friend @rusaizol who was training for a marathon and I went running after a long day of work and we motivated each other to stop making excuses and dig a little deeper. This was a small #definemoment.

Even the story of how I got this shirt was thanks to a #definemoment of saying yes to a last minute overnight hike in Columbia where I met a bunch of new people, including @julienclout_ who introduced us to @define_community and later a spontaneous trip to the Netherlands, where I was able to pick up my gear. Saying yes to adventure, without excuses, is how DEFINE reached Detroit.”

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