"We often accept the love that we think we deserve. Sadly this fact appears to be most evident in moments when we lose track of what it is that we deserve. This is exactly what happened to me over a period of three years. It was me who accepted it when when we first started dating and he said: “I don’t feel like coming over”; It was me who accepted it when he sad: “You are pretty, but you do have a big nose”; It was me who accepted it when he introduced me to his friends as “a friend” whilst being in a relationship with me. It was me who accepted it when he turned his back towards me in the mornings to be able to check his social media; it was me who accepted it when he did not feel like going on a date night; it was me who accepted it when he made me feel unsure about whether I was enough; it was me who accepted feeling in doubt about whether I was the only one in his life. Notice that “it was ME who accepted it”. The way someone else treats you is up to him or her. Whether you accept it is up to you. It was a #definemoment for me when I finally choose that I deserved more. Stop falling for someone that does not give you the love that you deserve. Remember that it is only when you start seeing your own self-worth that this will happen. Take time to learn what your worth is, it took me a year to see it. A year in which I learned to love myself, including my clumsiness, weird sense of humor, feistiness and cheerful, prominent nose. A year in which I learned to challenge the negative thoughts about myself and along the way started to believe in myself more and more. A year in which I learned the meaning of being comfortable in my own skin. A year in which I started to grow and shine. And especially a year in which I found peace within myself and in which I learned my self-worth. Invest energy in yourself and developing your feeling of self-worth, take the time that you need and be surprised by the love that someone else, but especially you, can give yourself!”


“I’m a goalgetter, I want to succeed in everything I set my mind to. From being the worst to competing with the best. That’s the way I was raised. I believe that whenever you put in effort and work you will succeed. It gave me a very inward focus, because that’s how I think. What about others? I’m trying to transfer a mentality that YOU have all the power, all the influence needed to get what you want. I changed as a person, from being focused on my own results, to experiencing pure happiness seeing others around me do well. I want to give a shoutout to a few of my closest friends for making so much progress. First of all, much respect for @laszlokothmann making hardcore decisions only a few can do. for graduating and getting his degree(!). @nickseegers1 For finally taking care of himself and getting a deserved vacation. One of my friends is even getting married. Root for your environment, spread the positivity, #definemoment ."


“My #definemoment was the moment I stopped making excuses and started saying yes. Saying yes to that concert, to applying to that dream job, to booking that flight, to staying out late. Saying yes and pushing past the fear of exploring things alone, of rejection, of the unknown, of imperfection, of not having enough. I feel like everyday we have an opportunity to define moments. In this captured moment my friend @rusaizol who was training for a marathon and I went running after a long day of work and we motivated each other to stop making excuses and dig a little deeper. This was a small #definemoment. Even the story of how I got this shirt was thanks to a #definemoment of saying yes to a last minute overnight hike in Columbia where I met a bunch of new people, including @julienclout_ who introduced us to @define_community and later a spontaneous trip to the Netherlands, where I was able to pick up my gear. Saying yes to adventure, without excuses, is how DEFINE reached Detroit.”