Imagine walking out your door and see everyone around you thriving. Your neighbour has a new car, your friends are getting married and your sister got a promotion. What are the odds of so many people “living their best life?” Guess what, that’s everyday life for a millenial.


Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to write about all the “suffering” that is caused to a generation. Let’s talk about how this affects us and how we can change this. Social media is hyping every little succes there is, neglecting all else. Every picture has to be perfect, even it that means retaking it 100 times. Because you don’t want to look stupid, because that’s the standard, to be perfect or at least to look that way..


We’re scared to differ from perfect, while in fact we all differ from perfect. A sense of reality is gone. Let’s go to a situation where if someone asks what’s up and you’re not feeling up you can say it, no judgment. Speak our mind, stop running from problems. Stop comparing and focus on ourselves to become the best version of ourselves.

But also the other way around, if your friends are doing well, encourage them. Value them and stimulate eachother to new hights. Because even though it might not seem that way, your sister didn’t get that promotion out of nowhere. Ask how she did it, what she had to go through and try to learn from her.


What I’m trying to say is, let’s talk about the bad and let’s share the good. You didn’t become an overnight success nor did you take that beautiful picture in one take. Because you’re not alone and there’s a whole generation comparing themselves to your perfect life.

Share what’s going on, give context to what is happening, and cherish it all.

Yours truly,

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