Every brand is yelling “lifestyle” nowadays. Personally, I think this is very confusing. Because what is lifestyle? Your lifestyle isn’t my lifestyle. How can a brand represent so many different people all with different visions, dreams, struggles and beginnings.


Every person has the influence to change a desired outcome no matter how big or small it is. Whether it’s about your personal life or your environment. The actions you make on a daily base determine your lifestyle, that’s what I believe.

This is also the vision of Define Clothing, let me explain this. Imagine being terrible at math but you need to pass the course in order to get your degree. You dedicate yourself the next 6 months to study hard and get an 8 for math, currently you’re a 5. Fast forward 6 months, you did everything you could to get to your desired 8, but you only got a 7 while your class mates got an 8 and barely studied. How do you react?

You didn’t reach your goal of an 8 for mathematics after all that hard work, you must suck. Well, not at Define Clothing. Why? You did everything you could to improve and get a better result. You went from failing a course, to passing and getting your degree. A 7 on average for something that isn’t your “core quality” is great. You started from a 5 and went up. There is only growth.


It shows that dedication brings growth, your starting point is different from others who might be good at what you’re struggling with. If there is one thing I’d like you to take from this is to stop comparing. We can’t compare the lifestyles of others with our own, it doesn’t make sense. We can only walk our own journey.

This is the type of lifestyle Define Clothing represents. Your individual journey of falling down, getting back up, learning new things, enjoying lovely moments, growing as an individual and sharing it with others.

Make a difference

You must wonder, why do we share these moments, I thought comparing has no use? Think of the countless people out there exagerrating their lifestyle. How can you ever understand what is real? The need for attention is so high that we do everything to surpass others. By sharing these unique individual stories we create understanding, we show true reality.

Define Clothing shows the lifestyle of individuals on their instagram account, accompanied with motivational content. If you’re looking for a truly meaningful brand you have found it, and I didn’t even mention their clothing. I’m totally not biased by the way..

This is my first blog post ever.

Julien Clout,

Owner of Define Clothing

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